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Terms & Conditions

Production Terms

The ordered products are produced within 5 business days, unless specified otherwise (this does not include prior research and delivery, if required).

Claims and Reimbursement

In the case of substandard, defective or different products than those ordered, the following conditions apply:
  • Customers can send their claim in writing within thirty (30) business days of the invoice date;
  • Products damaged during transportation will be replaced. In this case, the customer has to return the products to GEOMATHEQUE, in their original package. GEOMATHEQUE will meet the delivery expenses;
  • If the customer receives products, which do not correspond with the ordered products and that it is GEOMATHEQUE’ mistake, the products will be replaced without charge or credited.

Any complaint addressed to GEOMATHEQUE will be handled as follows :
  • GEOMATHEQUE will acknowledge receipt of the complaint, in writing, within five (5) business days;
  • GEOMATHEQUE will respond to the customer within fifteen (15) business days.
Express Service and delivery

Express Service means:

In return of an additional charge, the customer can request a priority service, which respects the basic service notions but guarantees a faster production.

Concerned Products

The black & white, infrared or color contact prints of analog aerial photographs are produced in 24 hours; The black & white, infrared or color contact prints, enlargements, diapositives and optical scanning of digital aerial photographs are produced in 48 hours;

Service offered

  • The orders have to be completed before 12:30 PM for the products to be produced within the next day (24 hours) or two days after (48 hours);
  • The delivery delay, according to the selected method, is not included.


  • A 14.00 $ markup on the base price of an aerial photograph contact printed ;
  • A 50% markup on the base price of all other format of aerial photograph and all other products.
Failure to respect production delay

The markup for the « priority » service will be reimbursed if the deadline is not met.

Consultation Service

A professional research & consultation service is available at GEOMATHEQUE at an hourly rate of 60.00 $.


1. Objectives

The setting up of this policy will contribute to efficient revenue management and work process, to transparency in GEOMATHEQUE’s financial operations and to the impartial treatement of customers’ requests.

2. Goals

  • Guarantee a better customer account management through the application of standard norms in customer account approval;
  • Guarantee a better follow-up of customer’s credit line activities so as to determine the relevance of maintaining the account open;
  • Guarantee GEOMATHEQUE an efficient delinquent customer account collection policy.
3. Basic Principles

On the Web, GEOMATHEQUE requires a full payment by credit card, unless the customer has an open account. In store, GEOMATHEQUE requires a full payment (cash, credit card, debit or check) for all transactions, unless the customer has an open account. All revenue, identified or not, has to be deposited in is entirety, upon reception, according the its relative importance.

4. Credit line request

At the customer’s express request, GEOMATHEQUE’s consultant will forward a « Credit Line Application Form » to the customer. This form includes the following notions: terms of payment, applicable charges for dishonoured payment and interest charges for overdue account. GEOMATHEQUE’s supervisor makes sure that all the necessary information for determining the relevance of the credit line request is available, otherwise contacts the requesting customer to obtain the missing details.

The request’s relevance is determined according to the following elements:
  • the total purchases’ value for the last 12 months;
  • planned purchases’ value for the next 12 months;
  • the applicant or a related company, has not been in payment default during the last 5 years.
The credit line is approved with a limit determined according to the specified annual purchase amount. GEOMATHEQUE’s supervisor informs the customer of the decision concerning the credit line.

Customer credit line activity analysis

Periodically (at least once a year), an analysis of the activities generated by each open account (credit line) is performed by the accounts payable supervisor in order to determine the relevance of the credit line itself and/or its limit. In the case of insuffisant activities in an open account, the customer will receive, from the supervisor, a written notice of the credit line cancellation. The customer can offer an explanation for the value of purchases.

5. Payment

  • Unless specified otherwise, the payment terms for all purchases at GEOMATHEQUE are net 30 days, starting on the date of the invoice;
  • In the case of non-respect of payment terms, GEOMATHEQUE considers that any payment received will pay the account receivables in the following order: interest charges for past-due, applicable charges for dishonoured payment, the past-due invoice according to the age of the account and, finally, the current statement invoices.
6. Statement of account

GEOMATHEQUE will only send a statement of account to customers who’s overdue balance is more than 10.00 $. The statement of account will show the customer’s transactions with the invoices dates. The statement of account will also include, if applicable, the charges for dishonoured payment and the charged interest for past-due invoices. Balances of 10.00 $ and less are kept in the customer account system.

7. Overdue account and interest charges

  • GEOMATHEQUE applies, to all overdue account, cumulative interest charges starting on the date of the invoice;
  • GEOMATHEQUE applies charges as by Article 12.2 of the ministère du Revenu’s law enacted for any dishonoured check by the institution from which it was drawn;
  • Furthermore, collection measures will be taken in accordance with the degree of delinquency. These progressive measures range from notice to lawsuit.
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