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I have a Mac or Linux/Unix system
Geomatheque has been certified on Windows and Mac only. However, only the Safari browser has been tested and certified, on the Mac operating system.
My browser is not supported
The following browsers have been certified and are compatible with Geomatheque:

Internet Explorer 5.5, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0
Mozilla Firefox 3.0
Safari 3.2.3
I would like be a customer. How do I register?
When you complete an order online, you will be able to create your username and reuse it for each order.

Otherwise, you can contact Geomatheque’s administration by email at diffusion@geomatheque.com or by phone at 418.660.3818. We will create an account for you that you will use when you buy our products.
What kind of products do you offer?
Geomatheque offers more than 4,000,000 aerial photographs in digital or analog format. You can also find the complete mapping of Quebec and value added products. Our imagery inventory covers 1959 to today.

You can also take advantage of our professionals expertise to answer your questions and your needs in geomatic services.
What is the emulsion of a photograph?
The emulsion is the type of film used in the camera when photographs are taken. This film can be in color, in black and white or in infrared.
What is the scale of my photograph?
This information is displayed next of each collection found as a result of your photographs search, under the "Available Products" tab.

You can also get this information by clicking on the Info (i) button beside each photograph listed under the "Available Products" tab. You will then get the complete information related to the photograph, including its scale.
I can't find the photograph I want? Is there an advanced tool search?
On the left side of the map, under the "Search" tab, you will find a multitude of options to help you with your search. Whatever information you have, you will dispose of the appropriate search tool to find your photograph. See the "Help" section to learn more about how each search option works.
What is an aerial photograph?
An aerial photograph is an image taken vertically by a specialized camera, installed in an airplane equipped for this kind of work.

The aerial shots are always performed so as to have a forwardlap and sidelap between two photographs. This overlap allow the possibility to see the territory in 3D, with a special device. The optical phenomenon, which enable to see in 3D is called stereoscopy.
Where do your photographs and maps come from?
Our photographs come from many different sources. By clicking on the Info (i) button in the available product list, you will get the source as well as all the information regarding each photograph.
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